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Reviewed in Australia on 23 August 2014
Holy s***. This book, my gosh this book was full to the brim of feels. At 30% I actually had to stop reading becasue all I could think to myself was “This is going to hurt…..this can not end well…..this is going to huuuuuuurt.” This book was so beautifully written I am in awe. I have read other books by Colleen Hoover, but this one was perfection. It was poetic, seamless, emotional and passionate. The beautiful description of the characters emotions was magical, I felt like I was inside their souls living their feelings at the same time they experienced them. I wanted to reach out and shake Miles, I wanted to comfort Tate and tell her she deserved someone better. I wanted to hold Miles in my arms and take away his guilt and pain and I wanted to sit down with Tate and let her know she has to hang on. All these feeling in one book your saying? Two words Ugly Love.

I think I will forgo the story analysis and just talk about the character that I loved and hated so much. When we first get to know Tate, I had mixed opinions about her, I thought she was smart and intelligent, then when she gets herself involved with Miles, and it is clear she is out of her depth I began to think she was too weak and vulnerable. But then the more I read about her, the more I realised she was not weak at all, she risked her heart for Miles, even when he continually told her that she meant nothing to him, she hung on, she believed even subconsciously that she could sway him, she knew deep down that this was her shot.

For such an outwardly confidant and seemingly easy going man Miles is a basket case, he is a mess inside, he is destroyed and knows he has no hope of recovery. When he meets Tate she makes him feel again, but being the stubborn guilt ridden bastard that he is he refuses to feel anything for her, or refuses to let him self feel anything for her and he pretty much uses her. He knows she has feelings for him but he is too powerless to give in to these feelings, he knows he is breaking her but he cant stop himself, he cant keep away just as much as he cant have her.

This book actually got a bit hard to read, like I mentioned earlier. There was so much emotions involved with these two characters, it hurt to see them both hurting. As much as I wanted a HEA I was not 100% sure that we would actually get it, becasue in real life there sometimes aren’t happy endings, the way Miles was so adamant that he could never love again was not an easy journey for him to overcome. That being said I am not going to spoil this book for you, just do yourself a favour and read this book, but don’t expect a happy lovey dovey romance, this is real life people!!!
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