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Customer Review

25 November 2018
Riggs couldn’t believe that he saw Reece after so long, but he couldn’t go after her with the danger that the club was having and the club came first.
Going to a meeting at the diner, Reece quickly cancels after seeing Jackson, he shattered her dreams, broke her heart. Reece knew she had to see Jackson again but with the chance to make something about her article on the cartel he would have to wait.
With what going on with the club and Reece’s investigation their paths cross, both realising they need to see the other. Riggs sees the spark that was there with them before and knows he wants his second chance.
Reece should have known that Jackson was hard to resist, but he had to kiss her, but she lets him know she’s not going to let him hurt her again, but Jackson is convincing and wants to prove they were meant to be. He wants everything behind them and everything with him was better than she remembered.
With Reece being in the wrong spot at the wrong time, she learns how the members of Satan’s Fury band to protect what’s theirs, Riggs assures her now that she’s his, he’s never letting her go and will protect her with his life. When everything crashes around them your left not know what really happened till the very end.
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