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21 February 2019
This book is very different to say a book out of the US. Paints a different picture.
China will probably win the race.
Chinese have no qualms about ripping off and replicating other technology’s then using it as there own.

Chinese government is 100% behind AI development they will all so be willing to roll things out quicker then the west (like self driving vehicles drones medical AI just to mention a few) and sort out problems as they arise.

China will have more AI engines then the west. China really has only gotten into it since early 2000’s and already three of the seven giant companies like Google and Facebook are Chinese Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, like me you have heard of Alibaba as it more then likely pops up on your phone but what about the other two and they are two of the largest techno companies in the world?

The book finishes on a positive note with what’s to come and some good ideas on what we can do with the changing world we will face.

Side note: 🤪 like that?
AI will in the not so distant future will BE, so I think we need to know what is coming and have some understanding so as not to fear it but if at all possible take advantage of it.
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