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1 February 2018
Darry Fraser's debut book broke new ground for me. I think the catchphrase for this, and other books set in the same period, has become 'Oztorical' - a descriptor for a historical novel set in Australia at a time when freight was via the Mighty Murray River, and women had yet landed the right to vote (though there were some hardy souls trying to blaze that trail).
So this book was quite an education. Too often I don't think enough about those women who went before me, and what my life might have been like in another time and place. All these freedoms I take for granted — like being able to own or ride a horse if I want, work if I want, own property and be involved in a business — life wasn't always this way.
So this book has opened my eyes, quite apart from keeping me highly entertained for hours in recent days.
I fell at home immediately with the Murray River setting, and with Dane and Georgina and their struggles.
I like that it does not take an entire book to resolve the early plot line that Dane (returning to the family farm of Jacaranda where Georgina lives) has been lied to, and his view of Georgina and her step-father is wrong. This initial lie is the catalyst for all events in the book, but the original deception is further complicated when Georgina flees, seeking rescue with the wrong bloke.
Something that broke new ground for the romance reader in me is the fact that both hero and heroine sleep with other characters during this novel. Dane has a tryst with a woman with whom he has an 'understanding' when Georgina is lost to him; and as mentioned, Georgie chooses the wrong man to marry.
Fate has his/her work cut out to get Georgina and Dane together, but Fate does a pretty darn good job of clearing a path to let that happen. *fist pump* #GoFate
I was swept along in this read, much like sitting by the banks of the Murray River itself. I could see the paddleboats roving up and down on the wide waters, and picture the women and men of the time - customs, clothing, furniture.
I felt true compassion for Georgina, and wished that the world would work out for her and give her the happy ending she desired.
I look forward to more by Darry Fraser, and I recommend this one for rural romance readers who may be looking for something outside the norm.
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