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Customer Review

20 June 2018
This book is simply astounding. It's a scientific explanation of the process whereby our thoughts become things. If enough of us read this, our societies' views about reality will be truly shaken, and if we're lucky a much kinder, gentler, wiser and healthier world will emerge. In the meantime we individuals can with the help of this amazing book work on ourselves and improve our own health and happiness in ways most of us would never have even imagined. Things that have seemed to be miracles are now accessible because we no longer think they're miracles - they're science. For me this is the best book I've ever read. And just as a bonus, the author Dawson Church seems a really nice, decent bloke. No big ego, no false humility, just a joyous enthusiasm and a desire to share the fruits of his incredible work and help us all have better lives. For me, that makes it an even greater pleasure to read his work. And there are some lovely meditations to accompany the book - do try them. Five stars for those too.
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4.5 out of 5 stars