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1 April 2014
This is one of the most remarkable books I have read. Not just because of the content, but the beautiful way that Markus has with words.Two small examples: " The soft spoken words fell off the side of the bed, emptying onto the floor like powder" and "Her expression stroked the man on his face. It followed one of the lines down his cheek"
It is a story, with an unusual narrator, of a family in Nazi Germany who take in an orphaned young girl. Because of a promise the "papa" made to the son of a Jewish friend who gave his life for him in the WW1, he also hid the now grown son in his basement. And how the girl becomes fascinated with words as her papa teaches her to read. And how therefore she couldn't live without books ...
The content, as you would imagine in a book of his genre, was devastating, even so I couldn't put it down. Time stopped as I read it and as I went through almost a box of tissues toward the end, i still don't know if i was relieved or so very disappointed when it came to an end.
I can't recommend the book highly enough and am now a devoted fan of Makus Zusak.
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