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Reviewed in Australia on 27 September 2016
Wow, I admit I actually won this e-book on a random competition I entered, having not heard of or having read anything from this author before!!!!
I was in a bit of a book slump and decided I'd dive right in without even reading the synopsis, best thing I decided to do, I haven't had a book I found hard to put down in a while, so this one was rather refreshing, maybe it was because I had no pre-conceived notions on how it should unfold, before I knew it had sucked me in and I HAD to know what happened next???
I'll start with Hadley
I'll be honest at the beginning I didn't know how to take her and her reaction/coping techniques to her abuse as a child, I honesty can't fathom turning into a sex addict after being a victim of sexual abuse... I'm certainly not saying it was wrong, but I found it hard to understand at the beginning but as the story unfolded, I warmed to her! It was hard to see her be so crude and have no respect for her own body but I enjoyed seeing her evolve. The incident towards the end of the book was intense and I felt her reaction to it was a little brushed over.
Wade made me swoon a bit I must admit, just they way he spoke, loved it! He was wealthy, hot as hell and sexy and I loved that he was able to show Hadley his softer side that really he only let her see.
This was by no means a predictable story, which I thank the author for!!!! Only a couple times did I think Hadley reaction's were a little OTT or a little childish but it could be put down to just her way of coping.
The secondary characters were so interesting that I hope this gets turned into a series, books I'll definitely be purchasing if she does. This author has such a beautiful descriptive way with words that leaves you feeling as if you know the characters personally. I think I could gush all day!!!
The whole whiskey (alcoholic drink) element played a vital part in the tale and the author made me want to pick up a glass!!
Overall a fantastic book and I can't wait from more from this author!
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