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Customer Review

12 February 2019
Favorite Quote:

Her eyes take in every part of my face before dipping low to my crotch. “Tempting, but I’ll pass. I already had Vienna sausage for lunch. One’s enough for any lifetime.”

My Review:

I struggled with this one as I could only find one likable character through most of the story, yet I was intrigued and couldn’t put my Kindle down. I despised the main character of Rhett, as he was arrogant, irresponsible, spoiled and just vile, as was his friend. I hissed at his duplicitous, contemptible, and supercilious inner musings, yet I couldn’t stop reading. Man, if this overindulged, crass, and entitled wastrel was one of the best the school had to offer I don’t want to contemplate what the rest look like… But yet, I was also perplexingly involved in this despicable story and consumed with an intrusive interest. Curses! A pox on the wily minx known as Ker Dukey for her wickedly addictive arrangements of words. Her sinister word skills were like sharp talons deeply embedding themselves into my gray matter and prickling my curiosity. I was physically unable to put my Kindle down, and in a near frenzy, I devoured this twisted tale to the very last page. It was not my fault - Ker Dukey’s word voodoo was far too strong. Resistance was futile…
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4.3 out of 5 stars