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28 June 2019
Ready Player One is a great story, a journey to find a hidden treasure in cyberspace. Parzival/Wade Watts is a relatable character to just about everyone, I mean who hasn't had near crippling anxiety when talking to a girl you have a crush on when you were a kid. Art3mis and H (Ach) are engaging as well and the dialogue between the characters is natural and enjoyable and a little nerdy. The Villain is alway an important part and Nolan Sorrento is a good mix of mean, petty cunning and effective. You enjoy seem him struggle and almost succeed (spoiler alert). The switching between real world and cyberspace is enjoyable in their stark differences and I personally like how Cline uses the small flaws and blemishes to bring his characters to life. Will Wheaton does a great job with the Audiobook too. I only wish Cline had added transformers into the story as I am a big fan of 1982-1986 transformers.

I hope you find this nerdy parody of an 80's nerd nostalgia meets cyberspace science fiction Indiana Jones story as enjoyable as I did.
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