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28 October 2017
I liked this book as much as I disliked it, yeah I know confusing, right? The start had me engaged from the first word and I LOVED Kenneth's alpha strong nonsense character but I didn't like how after the contract (trying to leave out spoilers here) he did a complete 180 and mentioned the "L" word, (for me) it truly was bizarre and often I couldn't tell if day/s or week/s had passed. And where was the scene were Anita took Kenneth to meet Verdie? The details throughout were a little lacking, thus the confusion. Anita's character was good but she tended to change her mind too much.

I do recommend this author as I have read her other books and it wouldn't surprise me to find that I'm in the minority in my review. I'm picky and a harsh review but I also saw more potential in the story.
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4.0 out of 5 stars