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31 January 2018
This book offers a refreshing (and compelling) take on depression, one you're unlikely to find elsewhere. Hari speaks with pioneering researchers who have investigated the causes of depression. The stories of the research -how they came about and were conducted- are themselves, fascinating. The findings, and their implications for those suffering from depression, invaluable. Much of it flies in the face of what big pharma would have us believe about the causes of depression (i.e. a chemical imbalance in the brain, and entirely fixable one at that. Ahem, anti depressant? Anyone? ). In actual fact, depression is, for many people a life problem, more than it is (just) a brain problem. The solution, it seems, are 'anti-depressants,' and not just the ones that come in a blister pack prescribed by a GP or other health professional. Honestly, this book is fantastic!
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