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9 April 2018
A fun rom-com that was nicely written and the story enfolded a bit like watching a movie. I enjoyed the office interaction between Kiersten and Cole - at the beginning it reminded me a bit of the Sandra Bullock/Hugh Grant movie "Two Weeks Notice". My lower rating was a result of the choppy relationship and 'romance'. Unfortunately I had a difficult time feeling any attraction/love/lust interaction between the H/h (when it finally did happen in the last quarter of the book) I also decided I knew nothing in depth about the characters, apart from the scenes that were happening in real time. So fairly basic character development. Also, I wasn't sure about the spur of the moment trip to France. What about passports? Customs? I guess Cole was a billionaire and that was taken care of... Those comments aside, it was still an entertaining read and I recommend it.
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4.6 out of 5 stars