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Customer Review

29 December 2013
The book is very well written and beautifully structured tale of survival in a world gone mad. The former United States of America was hit with some kind of apocalypse and only those living in the Capitol have any kind of comfortable living. Every year one member of each of the poorer sections of the country - nicknamed Districts - is selected to enter a tournament where all those selected fight for their own survial. This is where we meet the stars of the show. First and foremost is Katniss Everdeen, whose father was killed in a mining accident when she was a little girl. Since that point she has been the rock her family depends on as her mother is but a shadow of her former self since the loss of her husband. She is from District 12 and is remarkably talented with a bow and arrow and of course she is not stupid, either.

Other members of the cast are introduced to the reader as you progress through the story. Some are friends to Kat, some are not and some are not at all obvious.

The book itself is very hard to put down, and not just due to the cliffhangers that are used at the end of every chapter, which will make you keep reading until the battery in your kindle wears out. The story is tense and terrific and the fight scenes are perfectly drawn in your mind. Elements are there to define the tale as science fiction but it certainly could not be described as such. The emotional attachment to Kat is strong due to the sacrifices she has made already in her young life. Of course the reader is scared something dreadful will happen to our young hero so that is one more reason to turn each page with trepidation.

I give this book four stars. It may be worth more but as it is book one of a trilogy one has to leave room for improvement. But this is a modern day classic that should be read by everyone. A truly fantastic and original idea that has been brilliantly executed.

BFN Greggorio!
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4.6 out of 5 stars