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20 January 2015
This was a very informative book, if you want the current science behind the low carb diet, and a professional 'critique' of the problems inherent in research into diets. Since reading this I have been doing my own research and the author is quite spot on in what he says about how research is done and summarised and why the low fat high carb belief system is so entrenched and yet not really based on any definitive evidence. There is plenty of evidence for low carb (not no carb) eating and the author is fair, not a fanatic (refreshing) but simply talks through human biological digestif and metabolic processes for those who are interested in knowing more about how the body uses the macronutrients. I learned a lot and I now see everything he talks about actually being true. If you don't like science don't read it, but if you want some fair, intellectual, science based information that is free from fanaticism then you'll like this. There is some parts that are very 'chemistry' but you can skip them if it gets too much. The point of this book is that there is 'science' behind the low carb eating that will help diabetes and other problems including fat loss and this guy knows what he is talking about and is well qualified to talk about research designs, flawed evidence, and the how low fat became dogma. A good solid read and recommended for those who like more in depth explanations of how the body works and how science works and how power and politics work.
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