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22 July 2015
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So this read was a difficult one as at first, as I really did not like Pacer one bit... TJ has written Pacer as a gritty no holds barred gangster, with no hint of remorse to what he does... and some of his actions were at my limit of 'OK'.

He want's what he wants's and he gets it his way, and at first his way really - I mean REALLY freaked me out! I have notes on my kindle saying...??? ... omg did he really just think that!!! ... OMG he didnt just do that did he!!!!

BUT I know TJ has a gritty side, she tells it how it is, and because I loved her other series I continued... SO PLEASE if you buy and start reading... and get to that point too, my advise is Carry On, you will be glad to push through the initial 'OMG' moments.

Now Chelsea POV was much easier on the moral compass - shes a woman that has lived and breathed Law all her life, the only daughter of a Supreme Court Judge, her Mother an Editor... she is focused, determined and wins in court, But Defending Pacer is going to turn out to be her most difficult decision she will ever make. I mean she is going to have to either follow her heart or her family's ways, and its a big choice to make.

By 39% I was getting hooked and did not want to put the book down..Ms Hamilton Blew my Panties off!!!

As Chelsea delves into the details of the case against Pacer, we begin to see that there is more to this case than a Gangster murder, Yes Pacer is a 'What you see is what you get, Full on Mafia Killer', but above all he is an Italian Gangster... Loyalty , Familia, these are the True Beliefs that Pacer lives by. He is the head of the 'Family Business', but if you cross him - its the last thing you will do, and you will regret it... VERY SLOWLY and VERY PAINFULLY!

As Chelsea begins to piece the conspiracy together shes also having to deal with the combustion of the fierce attraction she has towards Pacer.

ITS RED HOT... They are like two planets gravitating towards each other... and when they collide, you see stars, heck you see the #@%%!! BIG BANG!!!

So As I said... By 39% I was glued to my kindle, matchsticks on eyes until the wee hours, and then up at dawn reading on!

I am a romantic at heart, I do read Dark Romance,but they need to have a good chunk of Romance & HEA in the horizon, and I would like to say THANK YOU TJ for giving such a great ending... you scared me for a few seconds... well until I turned the page!

If you haven't read TJ Hamilton before, The Thyme series will soon be on a bookshelf near you - THAT series is AWESOME - Do not Pass it up, and if you can't wait - grab the prequel on your kindle along with this book for some Hot Aussie Reading.

ps sorry for all the !!! but it was one of those books that deserves lots of !!!! :D
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