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Customer Review

28 December 2018
This was a great romantic comedy which had laugh out loud moments, incredible characters, and an excellent story line. Firstly, the protagonists. What I love about Georgina is how real she feels. She gets pimples like the rest of us, feels insecure about herself, and has awkward moments that would make anyone cringe. She's also funny and has great come backs. One of my favourites was this:
*"Call all you want, and see if I come," I said, walking away before he could respond.*
Bam! Take that!
Sebastian or Se-beast-ian as I think I will forever know him as is quite the playboy. He has a way with the ladies. He's charming and a sweet talker. Fairly certain he could melt hearts with just a look ;)

He can come across as a bit of an a** but perhaps there is more to him behind his bachelor facade. Sebastian can certainly spice up any situation as can be seen here with exhibit a:
*"Uncover, exploit, whip," Sebastian listed as he made notes. "Maybe this won't be so bad after all. It'll be nice to be on the receiving end for once."*
Throughout the story, I was wondering, is he the good guy pretending to be the bad guy or the bad guy pretending to be the good guy?

Both of these individuals have some baggage with them and I think this has kept the opposite sex at bay. At least, prevented them from having meaningful relationships. Now when we look at them together, Georgina and Sebastian are at loggerheads pretty much from day dot. Nay, even before they realised who the other person was, they already have a mutual dislike.

I love the supportive characters especially Justin. He can be a bit of a goofball but he really cares about his friends and has good intentions for them. My favourite line from Justin has to be this:
"I love the guy, but I love to f*** with him more."*
I would love to see more of him hint hint ;)

This romantic comedy definitely explores the misconceptions we can have of other people based on their appearance and initial behaviour. There is so much more hidden beneath the surface if one is willing to look. Sebastian and Georgina go from enemies to friends and then perhaps something more. But can they overcome their reservations or will hate win out? The story is about letting yourself be vulnerable around another person. Letting them in to see who you really are inside and having them accept the you, all of you. It's also about overcoming insecurities about your identity and realising that the real you is always waiting inside you. Ready to come forth. This was a fun rom-com with all the feels and laughs.
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4.0 out of 5 stars