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Customer Review

6 May 2019
You may have seen that this book is a re write of an older book from Ms Blakely. I didn’t read the first version, so I went into this one with open eyes.

Rom-coms are my bailiwick, and this author is the queen of them. This one has some great funny lines but it is also a sweet contemporary romance love story. It’s a tale of two smart San Franciscans who are proud of their geekiness, and you could say they wear the tittle with honor. I have to confess, I am a geek too. Not in the gaming way, but I love reading books, and following the action on google maps to get a better feel of what is happening. I relished in seeing all the spots they visited pop up on the map! It made me reminisce my times in San Fran. And a certain Mr in my house has the same geeky list of concert / gig counts. I have never felt more at home reading a book! 🤣

Both McKenna and Chris have had their fair share of being burnt in previous relationships so neither were looking for a partner in any way, shape or form. But you can’t defy chemistry and what is in front of your eyes. The way these two slowly connect and figure things out is charming and winsome. I reveled in the old time songs, and couldn’t help but sing them in my head. But what I got a big kick out of was the way LB had interwoven characters from other books into this one, either in a cameo or name dropping. It had me looking up those books and marking them on my TBR.
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4.7 out of 5 stars