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Customer Review

20 May 2016
I don't really know how to explain my feelings about this book. It's a great fast paced story with action, romance, drama and real sorrow too. The heroine is guardian type personality but the people she loves keep being taken from her and the one person she seems finally able to keep......
The end was annoyingly leading, but I can't help thinking like all tyrants President Snow was arrogant and foolish, but in his reactions to Katniss he almost assumes she is openly and intentionally rebelling when all she is really doing is trying to protect the lives of the people she loves. Because of his assumption he does everything to tighten his control while she does everything to survive and protect. It really is a foregone conclusion that their worlds will collide if she survives.
Seriously well written and the emotional urgency and the pains and sorrow brought me to tears. Overall the thoughts provoked is what keeps coming and makes me want to get the next book.
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4.6 out of 5 stars