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Reviewed in Australia on 29 June 2019
Someone dropped my phone after I put one of these on the screen, the glass back was broken, the screen was fine. Maybe I should've put one on the back? I had to get the phone replaced but there is 3 screen protectors in the pack so I'm ok. Only issue I have is I had to pay more for shipping than I did for the screen protectors, I'm not sure why there was only one shipping option.
Updated: So my phone (which after the original drop now has a UAG cover) has been smashed twice since I wrote the original review, once it slipped out of my hand at speed and skidded across tarmac when I was diving to stop a man kicking my dog and the other time by someone in my family details unclear, in both cases the cover did its job, absorbing the impact and taking the damage with full protection to the phone glass. I haven't used other screen protectors but I did some materials science at uni in my engineering degree and the way they broke under different impacts, while remaining intact, gives me a lot of confidence in this product.
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