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Customer Review

9 January 2019
Imagine aspects of twilight, vampire diaries and buffy superimposed into an adult 'wannebe' erotica written by a teenager. I was able to read these books for free in kindle unlimited otherwise I would have probably stopped at book 2. I had to speed read and skip quite a few pages to get to book 7 to find out who the 'villain' was. Where do I start? This author is in desperate need of an editor and proofreader so read between the lines as to what you can expect. Her tenses are all over the place. Quality of writing deteriorates badly from book 2 onwards. Character building is non-existent and in many instances act totally out of character simply to forward the plot. Way too many sex scenes that it became tedious and repetitive. A full-blown sex scene and add her first encounter with anil sex just before they need to fight the all-powerful bad guy in the ultimate showdown? Not my cup of tea. Can't recommend this series at all.
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2.0 out of 5 stars