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Customer Review

2 August 2017
All the Little Children' is an apocalyptic novel that revolves around two mothers and their children’s struggle for survival. It was very suspenseful and eerie at times, as I read it I couldn't help but put myself in Marlene's position and realise how incredibly ill prepared I am for any disaster.

This is edge of your seat stuff and highly original... the story of a normal family camp going completely wrong when terrorists bomb the UK with a virus. After going to the nearest town and realising that most people are dead, the family decides to stay in their camp...

'All the Little Children' is a highly original novel that had me madly swiping as my anxiety escalated as scenes unfolded. I was gripped by this incredible mother who would do anything to protect her children. 'I should jump into the car and lock the door, I thought. I should scream for help. Go on, scream—scream! Warn the children.'
It is well written in its haunting descriptions that feel utterly plausible. 5 riveting stars...
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4.0 out of 5 stars