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Customer Review

30 May 2016
Im so tired of being promised an awesome fantasy book, with a strong female and male lead ....they get trained all their lives and should be able to handle any situation.....but no....when the danger finally come about in the book...all of a sudden they turn into sobbing, weak messes who need someone else to save them...or they get out with dumb luck......**sigh** 😑😧.....
The world building in this book is really good and the traits of all the races are fantastic, which is the only redeaming feature in this book for me...the characters wernt well rounded enough to live up to what they were meant to be and didnt even get stronger or grow in any way by the end of the book.....which really discourages me from bothering to pick up the next one.

I really wanted to like this book, which is why i pushed to finish it...thinking it might get better and the heroin will stop crying for 2 seconds and actually live up to whatbshe keeps saying...that crying is weakness and you should never give up until victory blah,blah, blah.....but no!...someone came to save her in the end when she was supposed to get herself out.....not cool
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