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Customer Review

31 May 2016
Irrefutable picks up where Fallacy left off, Alex questioning Quinn why she is marrying Jordan if she isn't in love with him. As Quinn battles with herself whether to trust Alex completely and tell him everything, a phone call from Jordan changes everything. Alex knows there is more than Quinn is telling him, and just like Alex fashion, he is ready to help her. Just when you think things can't get worse for Quinn, your wrong. Truths are revealed and Quinn's life is once again turned upside down. After discovering her father's real plan for her, new and old friends come to help Quinn. Quinn and Alex are brought back together, under the strangest of circumstance. Knowing this is his chance to win Quinn back, Alex uses it to his advantage. This time he holds nothing back, letting Quinn know how he feels through words and physical contact. The sex between Quinn and Alex is even hotter than before, but the difference now is that Quinn doesn't want to be that girl that uses sex to hide. As hard as it is for her, Quinn too tries to speak her feelings out, thanks to Alex. However, Quinn still has trust issues and her relationship with Alex is bumpy. Can Quinn trust Alex enough to let down her walls and let love in? If Quinn can defeat her father and the threat he holds over head, what will happen next? Where will it leave Quinn and Alex? Can Alex and Quinn finally have their HEA?
Kimberly Bracco has delivered a perfect ending to Quinn and Alex's story. Irrefutable was filled with romance, suspense, chemistry, betrayal, honesty, drama, and true friendship. Both Quinn and Alex grow as characters, for the better, but not without many bumps along the way. All the characters in this book played an important role in this emotional roller coaster ride we were pulled into. Great job once again Kimberly!
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5.0 out of 5 stars