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1 December 2016
Greetings Amazon readers from rural Australia,

I've been reading business books since 1983. When I started my first business in 'The Land of Oz'.

Since then, I've read thousands of books. Plus. Attended too many business seminars to even begin to count them.

I've yet to NOT learn something from everything I've read. And heard.

There is always a kernel of information in books and seminars that makes a difference to what I do. Perhaps it's a reminder of something I've forgotten. Or it's genuinely something I haven't come across before. Or perhaps it's something that ties together the loose strings of information rattling around in my head.

I'm a huge fan of Bernadette Jiwa. I'm a subscriber to her newsletter 'The Story Of Telling'. And have read all of her books.

I read 'Make Your Idea Matter. Stand Out With A Better Story.' on my desktop Kindle in one go. And that reading changed how I do some things.

This is the email I sent Bernadette after finishing this book.

Start of email:

"Greetings Bernadette from The Fitz Like A Glove Ironing Board Cover And Other Goodies,

I read your book ‘Make Your Idea Matter. Stand Out With A Better Story.’ on my Amazon desktop Kindle yesterday. Finished it in one go. Love that Kindle allows you to copy. And make notes.

Out of all your books that I’ve read, this has been the most inspiring for me.

It motivated me to change the wording on standard phrases I use in emails. When answering enquiries.

And to change the wording in an email that I use on Mailchimp. To send to customers.

The best take out for me is: ‘make the customer the hero’.

Second best is ‘why should they care about what I do’?"

Take care,

Carol Jones

End of email.

No book is a magic panacea that fixes all our problems.

There is never an ABC to follow that suits every business.

But when a book makes you think. And motivates you to make changes that make a difference to you. And to your customers. It's time well spent reading it.

I highly recommend reading 'Make Your Idea Matter. Stand Out With A Better Story.' to those of you who want to make your customer the hero of everything you create in print, the internet, and social media.

Because. When addressing - why should they care about what you do? - it will change how you speak to them.

That will be your blueprint for making your customer the hero of every story you tell them about yourself.

And that will change what they think about you. Your products. And services.

I no longer answer email enquiries about my product range without asking myself first: why should this person care about this product? What will it do for them? How will it change their life?

And then. When writing back to them, making sure they are the hero of the story I tell them when answering their question/s about my products. And what I do.

I hope this book does for you. What it did for me.

Best wishes,

Carol Jones
The Fitz Like A Glove™ Ironing Board Cover And Other Goodies
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