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Reviewed in Australia on 21 April 2017
Extinction Reversed is a fascinating exploration of the future in which humanity no longer exists, and robots, sentient robots that have the memories of those that once inhabited Earth, are trying to rebuild the Earth to make it sustainable again for Humans.
The story is told from a variety of viewpoints, but mainly from an ancient robot, Charlie7. We learn that the Earth was attacked by an alien race, and during this attack, basically every human on the planet was killed, and there was a lot of damage done to the planet in the process. The robots however, have spent the last 1000 years gathering DNA of humans, plants, as well as rebuilding the damage and cleaning up all the toxins so it is safe to live again.
And this is where we kind of join this story. This new world that Morin has created is utterly captivating, and totally astounding, not only with the many different aspects of the rebuilt Earth, the structures that are being built to support a humanity that does not exist, but that the robots are hopeful will exist one day, but in the robots themselves.
I don’t want to give too much away, this is a wonderful story, and should be explored by the reader.
A bit of background on the robots, each of them comes from a select group of scientists/engineers that made this core program, so each robot has a main personality, and then a selection of other personalities. We learn about Toby22, who is mainly a Toby, but he is also 30% Joshua and 18% Brent. Others have a different mix, giving each robot a unique personality. Each robot also has a particular role or task on the planet as well. It makes for an extraordinary planetary wide hive of interconnected robots and personalities.
The incredible thing about this book, is that this is just the back-story. Morin has then taken it to the next level where he has evolved this universe, and added a human to the mix. One of the robots has illegally created a young human girl, and this is where the entire uniquely happy little world that the robots have going on is all about to come unstuck.
The story very quickly begins to revolve around Eve14, this new human female, her ‘Creator’, and Charlie7, as he tries to rescue her. There are multiple other characters as well involved in this planetary wide awe-inspiring rescue/chase as one side tries to save this precious human, and the other tries to get it back for their own nefarious reasons.
The character writing is exceptional as Morin explores Eve, and Charlie7 and their interactions at being the first human/robots to interact in a 1000yrs. The psychological interactions are truly inspired, and Morin’s writing is pure genius.
This is an outstanding book, and anyone who loves Sci-Fi, is a fan of Blade Runner or loves a good thriller, will definitely want to read this. In fact, do yourself a favour and just read this.
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