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24 December 2018
What would you do if you find out the life you've been leading is a lie? What would you do if your entire existence as you know it is false? This is the situation Melbourne photographer Kim Leamey faces when a stranger turns up one night at a class she is teaching and tells her he thinks she is Sammy Went, a toddler who went missing in small town Kentucky 28 years previously. At first Kim brushes it off, but then when delving deeper into the subject she finds her stepfather Dean definitely knows something he's not telling her. So Kim finds herself in Manson, Kentucky, searching for clues as to who she really is and what might have happened to Sammy all those years ago. As the story slowly unfolds it seems everyone is hiding something, and in a small minded town like Manson, some of those secrets prove to be explosive.
This is a powerful debut novel by Aussie author Christian White. The narrative alternates between the present and the past seamlessly, and you quickly find yourself drawn in to the mystery of Sammy. This is one that will keep you up reading until the small hours. Recommended.
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