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Customer Review

2 August 2018
*Review Edit - from 5* to 2* due to 59% price increase. It is absolutely not worth this new 'Australian' pricetag*

Was initially cautious about buying this, as it's far more expensive than a standard floodlight, and there is an ongoing monthly/annual cost if you want to save the video recordings (which is one of the main points of having it). I completed many hours of research on Ring and other options, originally with the idea of choosing a solution where I was able to save video to my local drive and avoid the ongoing hosting fees.

There was no other product in market which was both a 1) Bright motion-sensor floodlight, and 2) HD wifi camera with 2-way audio. The only comparable options seemed to be a) Netatmo Presence, at double the cost with no 2-way audio (but free ongoing video saving), or b) Installing separate floodlight and separate wifi cam. I eventually decided on the Ring Floodlight and have been glad I did.

The floodlight is brighter than most with two 1500 lumen lights, and the 270 degree field means it can cover most of the front of your property. When motion activates it you'll receive an app alert, and you can then speak with visitors over the audio. Should you wish you can activate an alarm - I've had no need to activate this yet, but it does give peace of mind if no one is home or family are home alone. Installation of the unit is straightforwards and the app and integration is polished.

My use case for this camera was perfect, as I had an old floodlight which was short-circuiting due to it's age and water ingress. I also had an external IP cam, but this had poor software and was difficult to configure and use. So I replaced both these with Ring Floodlight, and was up-and-running in a couple of hours.

Performance and usability has been excellent. I have a slight issue with lag sometimes as the mounting point is at the outer extent of my wifi network coverage, but I intend to remedy this with a wifi extender. Captured night videos of cats, dogs and possums so far, which makes fascinating viewing for the initial couple of weeks!

A few considerations:

1) You need a mains electricity supply point, so if you don't have an existing external light to replace it will be an additional cost for electrical work
2) You will need to pay a small ongoing fee to store and access videos
3) You will need good wifi coverage at the mount point, or a wifi extender if coverage is anything less than excellent

Very happy with this product.
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2.8 out of 5 stars
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