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28 July 2015
OMG!!! As I started this one I asked myself if it would be as good as the frist two, I don't even know why...

At You Loved Me At My Weakest we left Joey and Lexi going their own ways and desperately wanting to know what will happen with them.

Well we find Lexi with Nick trying to have a redo of her life, some way she learns there is the possibility of Joey being dead. So she decides to go after the truth and maybe being once and for all with the man of her life.

Having rid himself of Marco, Joey sets to get rid of Michael, his uncle, his cousins though are tied bound by a secret their father has and they make him wait, making his plans for getting his love once and for all interrupted once more.

There is a lot of conflict and turnmoil in this mafia world enough to set them apart. Will Joey see the error of his decision making process when it comes with his relationship with Lexi, making it impossible to be with her again. Will Lexi make Joseph see the good man he is and help give him that which he craves the most and has never has...a family?

This is a story that will rip at your heart as all others written by Evie Harper, it is amazing and all the events are very well put in chronological order as they connect with the first two books. Love the update we get on all other characters and I am very excited for the new stories that will come out of some characters of this series.
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5.0 out of 5 stars