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Customer Review

10 May 2017
If an author can win me over to a series when I start with book number 7.8, then she’s something special, as is the book. Evidently, I’ll soon be reading the first 7.7 books in the Dark Protector Series, because Rebecca Zanetti knocked it out of the park with Tangled, the novella which tells the story of Theo Reese and Ginny O’Toole.

Apparently, these two have been busy in the Dark Protector Series with a wealth of history behind them told in various stories. Even so, I didn’t feel as though I was missing part of the story. Tangled, though only 171 pages, is a complete story, something I rarely find in a novella. Ginny and Theo felt fully fleshed out to me rather than a couple of peripheral characters that the author was throwing a bone to. I absolutely loved both of them.

These two were so much fun to read about. Through them, I got the complete lowdown on the immortal world they live in without any confusion and they easily showed why they were a great couple. Theo, a centuries old vampire, is big and rugged and a soldier for the Realm. Alpha male to the core. He’s been circling Ginny forever, admittedly “crushing” on her at one point, but dealing with a lingering anger towards her after she seemingly broke his brother’s heart. Ginny, a witch with as many years under her belt as Theo, is not what she projects to the world. She’s used her waif like, outward appearance to trick everyone-except Theo. He’s sees straight through her act and when events hurl them towards their inevitable collision, there’s no stopping what’s been brewing for centuries.

Tangled is the complete package for lovers of paranormal romance. There’s action, romance, and other-worldliness. Characters that obviously starred in their own books make appearances that are meaningful and entertaining. Quite frankly, anytime I pick up a book that makes me want to read more, I consider that a win for me.

5 stars for Tangled. Heat level: 3.5

I received Tangled, part of the Dark Protector Series and the 1001 Dark Nights Series, from the publisher in exchange for honest feedback.
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5.0 out of 5 stars