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20 December 2015
Mrs Myers really pulled out all the stops in this adaption of Twilight.

In her prologue she mentioned she couldn't wait to get her hands on the book and make a few adjustments etc and I have to say, those adjustments made a world of difference.

This adaptation of the love story between vampire and human is much more than the original. It shines bright and brings to life a fantastic balance that seemed to lack in the original.

Beau & Edythe's story has life and meaning, their friendship, romance and addiction to each other is refreshing. No more simpering human . Beau is funny, awkward and adorable. And Edythe is small, strong and only a little arrogant.

I know that the author advised that she will not write another book on Beau & Edythe however I think it would be a mistake on her part. That is a story well worth telling.

So, If you would like a fast and enjoyable read, this is the one for you.
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