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Reviewed in Australia on 11 March 2017
Brilliant book - I wish more doctors would read it.
I'm currently facing an "eventual diagnosis" (my doctors words) of Fibrmyalgia/ME because of the symptoms I have been experiencing. This diagnosis accounts for maybe 85% of my symptoms, whereas B12 deficiency fits 100%.
My B12 levels are low (but just within the "normal range") and I have a family history of Pernicious Anemia.
This book is an absolute wealth of information. The biggest issue I've encountered is the reluctance of Australian doctors to treat B12 deficiency seriously. My doctor told me that "Pernicious Anemia is very rare these days". On a recent visit to hospital (from bad vertigo and shortness of breath), upon mentioning B12 deficiency, I was told "Oh, B12 deficiency - that's all the rage now", like it's some kind of fad. The doctor asking about my family medical history didn't even bother to write it down when I said there was a family history of Pernicious Anemia.
I really hope this book gets the message out there.
My last blood test will hopefully put the missing piece in the puzzle (homocysteine levels) and get my doctor to finally see reason.
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