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30 July 2019
While maybe not showing extensions of various UNIX flavors it also does not clutter with .net and other temporally contrived notions that inhibit portability.

Some people refer to this as the "c" bible. Written by Brian W. Kernighan, and Dennis Ritchie, well known in the C and UNIX field. This book is not cluttered with C++ forcing you to figure out what part is "c".

You may think that this book is not for beginners. However it is actually more of a combination of dictionary and "The Elements of Style" for the "c" language

This does of course include ANSI c, which is transportable to all platforms. It also states that", since the ANSI C library is in many cases modeled on UNIX facilities, this may help your understanding of the library as well."

The language it's self as with any language has its strong points. The main one being pointers. By not duplicating data and not having to movie it all around the application can be lightning fast and the code tight and to the point. Other advantages of the language are pointed out as with bit shifting.

This book should be used as a prerequisite to c communications books.
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