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Reviewed in Australia on 13 April 2018
A classic representation of romanticised stockholm syndrome, crossed with an enticing, rich, muscular dark haired, misunderstood outcast, with promises of pleasure and mental solace through submission.

On the edge of your seat at every turn - Escape! Torment! Fixation! Determination! You are able to closely relate to the main character and her thought process, deeply invested in her resolution throughout the book.

I adored some of the training tactics used and appreciated the many realistic methods delivered to create a strong structured system.

My only disappointment was the lack of depth put into the main male character, he was built up with such mental fortitude and the illusion of intelligent rationale; however I found his journal entries to almost destroy this facade.

Instead this pained him as a person with conflicting thoughts in regards to his social stance, moral compass and who struggled with self control.

From the moment the door was left open (to freedom) up until the ending, the motives of the main male character became lost on me; Unlike throughout the book he felt calm, collected and calculated, however at the end it is written as if everything he did was a part of a pre-thought out plan.

None of the male main character’s later actions, seem to correlate with the pre-assigned structure of their dynamic, thus blurring my understanding of his rationale — why the female character found herself, punished SPECIFICALLY for being disrespectful rather than for returning.. both of which should have been deemed “Wrong”.

It is also made obvious that she would not have been able to “redeem” herself if not for this last plea. However she wouldn’t be in such a situation initially if the main male character hadn’t commanded it so.

All in all a good storyline, lovely detail and realistic imagery. Definitely worth the read If M/s, Capture, or psychology peaks your interest.
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