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Reviewed in Australia on 1 July 2017
Next to Me by Jodi Watters

First off I have to say that Jodi Watters has just slotted into my top 5 authors. Her writing seems to gel with my psyche & for a new author she seems to hit the mark with me EVERY time.
Ok..on with my review of Next to Me.
This is Jodi's first official I actually read her 3rd book True to You as my first introduction to this author and I loved that book...a big 5stars in my opinion, but NtM has scored a most enthusiastic BOTH HANDS UP & WAVING ALL AROUND ALONG WITH A LITTLE HAPPY DANCE! I loved this book so much. For a first time novel it packed a mighty punch.
Sam & Ali are a powerhouse couple, their connection was instant & combustible.
Ali's character, although stemming from a situation of powerlessness, ends up showing us she is a force to be reckoned with once she allowed her true grit & inner warrior to come out. Although her initial motives behind her meeting & seducing Sam were questionable & some would say unconscionable, at no time did I lose respect for her or even dislike her. I actually championed her in a way...she made me feel for her in a way that was quite surprising for me....that is the power of Jodi's writing.
Sam Gleeson is a true hero in all senses, a retired former Army Ranger & now owner of Scorpio Securities, he is sweet & tender yet oh so strong & protective & manly & sexy & dreamy and...........I can go on forever ☺
His feelings for Ali run deeper than he is comfortable with, but he is willing to put his doubts aside to see where the relationship takes them. 
Most people will probably put Sam as their favourite character of this book but for me Ali steals the show...through Jodi's words you actually feel & see her desire to finally allow herself a measure of true happiness and it makes you cheer on Ali's enlightenment to her true self.
Through the telling of this story Jodi leads Ali & Sam to a very thought-provoking HEA...the journey is painfull yet healing; remorseful yet morally unapologetic. It's humour although at times subtle & quite dry balances beautifully the sometimes harsh reality that our characters have to deal with. This is another brilliant gem from Jodi Watters!
5HUGE ⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧
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