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Customer Review

28 January 2019
As an Australian reading this inspiring book, I can only be astonished at a country that can produce a person of such character and integrity as Michelle Obama yet also the infantile petty narcissist current US President whom the world can only look on with repugnance and disbelief. This book is a mesmerising intimate look at two people who despite the challenges of their race and unprivileged backgrounds , together did so much for their country. Instead of the hate some Americans felt for them, they should be proud that their country offered the opportunity for M and B Obama to become their President and First Lady. It was a huge historical moment that the descendant of a slave, as MB is, could be First Lady. And what a FL she was, working so hard to fulfil her projects of inclusion and aspiration among the many disadvantaged. America would be a lot better place if they had compulsory voting as we do in Australia. It keeps the extremists at bay and makes for a more equitable society. This book is brilliantly written and I can see why it is a world wide best seller. I can only hope that Americans aim as high as the Obamas next time they do their duty and vote. Please remember- who you choose as President affects all of us
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