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Customer Review

31 January 2018
A new Max Monroe series, woohoo!

It seems like forever since the BBB series ended, and even though it is not that long, I have been impatiently awaiting the Mavericks. If you have read the Billionaire Bad Boys, you will have briefly met two of the main players in this book, Quinn and Sean (Sean is Cassie's brother)

Now, as I started reading, I did get the RK Lilley/In Flight series vibe - that's just be the first class plane action though, the gay best friend, all the flying. And it is a good vibe to have.

I loved that Cat doesn't know who Quinn is. I love all the ways that Quinn goes out of his way to see her. I love the spark and the lust between the pair, and being taken on the journey as they fall in love.

I hate hate hate Quinn's parents, and want to hit them both with my Kindle.

I couldn't help but smile - most of the time - as I as reading. There were a couple of sad moments that had me all upset along with the characters.

Just loved it!

Now I need Sean, and I need Denver's stories - stat!

I know we don't have long to wait, bit I am impatient and don't like being kept waiting!

Bring them on Max Monroe!
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4.2 out of 5 stars