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Reviewed in Australia on 24 March 2020
I have been waiting on this one from Jodi Watters with so much anticipation, and boy oh boy, when it landed on my Kindle I was on this baby like white on rice!
Look, I’m going to say from the outset that I am a HUGE fan of this author and her writing skill. I have loved every one of her previous books and this new one is no different. I not only loved DtF, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it! To the point of saying it is my favourite of them all.
Grady is a man of substance. He is a man of strength. He is a man searching for forgiveness. He is also a man who is mentally wounded and is seeking a way to right his wrongs.
I was drawn in by Grady’s warmth and sensitivity and his fight to redeem himself, but maybe, just maybe, those snug fitting camo pants had some small impact on how I loved him as a character.
Nicole has lost her heart and is emotionally damaged. She has a deeply rigid stance on love and happily ever after and refuses to allow anyone to breach her walls.
However, she is not immune to the killer backside that she faces every morning on her elevator ride up to her monotonous day job. Surely a little fun can be had without her heart becoming involved?
I really liked Nicole. For me, she is sassy, drolly amusing and has a deep inner strength and vulnerability that belies the at times, harsh persona she portrays.
This story has some seriously entertaining passages that pull the chuckles from your throat and the laughter from your belly. But be prepared, as it will most definitely extract the emotion from your heart and the tears from your eyes. Have the tissues at the ready!
Down to Fall has heartbreak and devastation at its core, yet this author, with her deceptively intricate and delicious word placement, has the ability to extract from the reader their utmost empathy, understanding and indulgence, and in doing so, she allows us to feel this affinity with the characters that absorbs us so fully into the story.
Is this a Lust Story?...satisfyingly yes.
Is this a Love Story?…most definitely, beyond a doubt.
Is this a Hate Story?...heartbreakingly so.
Poignant, intrinsically sweet yet passionately seductive, Down to Fall is a story that will leave you with a lasting smile on your face and a beautiful squishy feeling in your chest.
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