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Reviewed in Australia on 2 August 2019
An entertaining read however, experienced fantasy readers will be frustrated. The main protagonist is portrayed in the early chapters as the world's greatest assassin. However, all of her subsequent actions can be more accurately described as disappointingly normal. The author has done a great job at undermining her main character's credibility as a renowned assassin. You don't become the world's greatest assassin by being petulant, immature and getting yourself embroiled in a love triangle. You'd be cold, calculating, precise, ruthless...everything this character is not. Large sections of the book would be more accurately categorised as romance. It dwells on the relationships and brushes over the action.

The book is generally well written and has just enough of a lure to keep you reading. However, I reached the end of this first book and am struggling to find the motivation to continue with the second, which is quite rare for me. There are just too many contradictions for me to enjoy it. If Erikson, Esslemont, Feist and Jordan are your thing then maybe try something else.
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