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5 March 2019
This is an amazing story I loved it and it’s the story of Damara and Gavin. 5 years ago Damara was in an accident she was found walking the streets bruised and bloodied before she collapsed waking up with no memory she was taken in by a couple who couldn’t have kids and she was accepted into their pack. She couldn’t remember anything not even her own name so she was given a new name Brianna but there was someone missing from her life, did she have a family a mate and were they looking for her?. There is a party going on for Gavin he’s the new alpha and he has to pick a mate but his heart will always belong to his mate that died 5 years ago even though in his heart and his wold believe that she is still alive. Gavin hears a howl he knows that howl it’s his mate he’s sure of it so Gavin shifts and goes to look for her. I loved this heartwarming story it’s a 5 plus ⭐️ read and I highly recommend this book it’s definitely well worth the read.
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4.7 out of 5 stars