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13 July 2017
This book has some good writing and starts off with a promising start but then it keeps falling flat. It constantly tells instead of showing. The hero is somewhat believable but the heroine isn't. She has supposedly been abused since childhood yet shows no symptoms. They share their true feeling right away so no tension there but I thought oh well, keep reading it has to get better. Then she regains her memory (how exactly did she lose it in the first place? Loosing ones memory is not some casual thing) and runs away and I thought oh here comes the plot, yes? No. I was expecting at least for the brothers and hero to band together and take down the bad guy and rescue her, but no the bad guy is already conveniently dead, so no excitement there. The brother had already 'killed him' (driven him off the road) But again we are told not shown. The brother doesn't even let her know the bad guy is dead and then for some inane reason he tells the hero that she left him for another man-what the heck? None of it makes any sense. I'm at page 108 out of 158 now so I'm not expecting it to get any better. I guess it's worth the couple of dollars I paid but certainly not any more.
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