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3 September 2019
Second in Madeline Ash’s Morgan Sisters series, His Billionaire Bride is contemporary romance at its very best. I can’t recall the last time I fell so far into a story. This book is elegantly written, sensual, emotional and utterly engrossing.
I loved that the story neatly reversed the billionaire trope so that heroine Carrie Morgan, a fierce warrior princess with a hidden vulnerability, is the one with the power and the money and all the trappings of success while her glorious hero Edwin Prince is an artist and a student. I love that despite the disparity in their outward stations in life Edwin is strong enough to see that it’s just window dressing. He’s willing to fight for what he believes he deserves.
Carrie’s story is about her choice to live rather than to merely exist though she has to face her fears in order to achieve what she really wants, “Being alone was her second choice. A forced decision sprung from the traumatic failure of her first choice—love.”
I loved the writing. It reaches out and makes you feel what the characters are feeling — Carrie gently being eased into sleep in Edwin’s studio, “Comforting sounds that joined with the smell of Edwin to scoop her up into the soft hands of sleep,” the way Edwin makes her feel that she belongs, “His closeness was like stepping into the right place after a lifetime of wrong turns.”
There is so much to love about this story it is hard to know where to start. The plot flows beautifully, the characters are real people with real wounds, hopes and dreams. Edwin’s art is utterly breathtaking, and Carrie’s strength and focus in her business world is mind blowing yet these two people have vulnerabilities that drive them apart and then back together. This story is a keeper.
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