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1 September 2017
Nineteen Letters is worthy of more than five stars.
Braxton and Jemma’s story is just beautiful, and heartbreaking at the same time. You will be taken on a journey that is guaranteed to pull at your heartstrings and play havoc with your emotions. Tears will flow, and you can feel every ounce of Braxton’s pain and love for his soul mate, lover and wife. You can understand why Jemma is frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed. You need to put yourself in her situation to understand her reactions. Once the letters begin you can feel the love that Braxton has for Jemma. It truly is powerful writing, and Jodi delivers it perfectly in Nineteen Letters. The letters evoke Jemma’s curiosity and slowly a friendship that has been taken away from them both starts to develop. You will be rooting for Braxton, and hoping that Jemma regains her memory. The development of their friendship is just beautiful and sometimes comical.
Nineteen Letters has truly touched my heart and I think it is the most beautiful love story. I can see myself watching Nineteen Letters on the big screen. I really hope this happens!
Jodi Perry, you truly are an amazing author and certainly know how to tell a story. Thank you for taking me on this incredible journey.
I certainly recommend Nineteen Letters as a must read.
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