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29 August 2017
Nineteen letters

After the first chapter nineteen letters captivated my heart ...the love Braxton & Jemma share is un breakable.
Jodi really brought their story to life, it's written brilliantly & I cried with them, laughed with them, mourned with them & loved with them.

What a emotional read- Brax is gutted when Jemma wakes up & doesn't have any memory of the life they have or that she's newly married to the love of her life .In true raw form Brax writes to his wife over 19 letters with stories of a happier time to remind her what they had and there great love story. Each letter pulls Jem a bit further out of her shell, brax tells Jemma a bit of their life & takes her on a journey throughout the moments in their life.

Jem is shocked when the 19th letter comes & Brax writes her a good bye, he thinks she's not in love with him anymore. Well Done Jodi this is a emotional roller coaster which I loved, every minute of the book captivated their story & pulled you deeper. If your after a great read!! This is the book for you!
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