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26 February 2016
I have been meaning to write a review for the dungeoneers for some time. The only review that I have given it so far was “A great sense of humour and I am interested in this universe.” but this didn't cover how much I enjoyed this book
Set in the author's take on a tolkienesk and DnD universe where elves and dwarves are sub-species of the fey. The book does it's best to deliver a fantasy world with a satire feel to it, using humour as a tool. But the world is far too big for one book.

The Dungoneers are a group of professional adventurers, though the leader of the group Thud goes to great pains to explain that they aren't adventurers. The book starts with the Dungeoneers picking up a city guard named Durham, who acts as the main MC of the book. The mission is simple, at least on paper. Go to a set of ruins, collect a cursed artefact, give artefact to king, get paid. Of course, things are hardily that simple.

Unfortunately, the author has gone with the Hobbit satire. Meaning that there are large amount of characters and not a lot of screen time for each one. Durham could be called the MC due to the amount of paragraphs contributed to his character but Russell tries to give everyone at least a page or so. While I didn't have much of a problem with it personally I can see how other audiences could get frustrated.

What I Like: I think that the book works and I buy every sequel when they come out.
What I don't like: While the other squeals I can read over and over again. This does feel like a one time read. This is definitely an experimental series that author found just worked.
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