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Reviewed in Australia on 26 March 2021
If it didn't fail I would have given it 4 maybe 5 stars, but...
I bought it as it has the full compliment of modifier keys (Shift/Alt etc) on both sides, particularly important with Shift for typing speed.
Initially I thought it had bad battery life, as it had periods where it just seemed to stop,
this turned out to be power saving requiring Bluetooth to reconnect.
You need to hit the Fn key (in case it IS on) and wait a couple of seconds when you pick it up.
My model may have had a issue, or it was my thumb & the small space bar, but it
would frequently cause an Alt instead of space (PITA as it activates menus causing mayhem as you type the next word).
I would have got used to that, centring my press on the bar, but...
The '4' key started to fail, to the point of needing a few hard presses to work.
The '5' key started doing the same, so I returned it. This is after 4 months.
I'm considering trying another as I type on a different model just now, missing right-shift,
and having to type repeating keys slowly (ie ff in difer, ee in ned, oo in bluetoth), and like
many others I looked at, the '-/_' & '=/+' keys are left of centre, on Fosmon keys are where they should be.
As I said, could have been 5 stars.
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