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Customer Review

18 December 2015
Despite the title and seeming narrow focus of this book it is an important book for all those who like Western Civilization and this includes Australians.

This book summaries how self claimed conservatives have gone along with and fundamentally changed America through mass immigration. It justifies this by reviewing this history of mass immigration world wide. It also explores and debunks many immigration myths: melting pot, magic dirt, economic benefits of immigration, how immigration leads to war (not peace) and lastly how Christianity has been corrupted into supporting mass immigration.

If you aren't already up to speed on those topics, you should be and if you are, this book puts them all together in a nice form with the ideas slimmed down into nice rhetorical packages.

As far as this concerns Australia. Well, if you haven't already noticed Australia is radically different from 30 years ago, let alone a hundred. The Australia of my grandparents is long gone. If this concerns you, if the prospect of fighting a civil war concerns you, then this is a good place to start your wake-up point because as far as I can tell, there isn't a single conservative politician or media figure who is willing to talk about legal immigration in a substantive way. (It briefly came up during Kevin Rudd's reign as prime minister, but not in a substantive way.)

Note: Vox calls America's statistics of 13% of Americans foreign born as culture changing. You call that a mass immigration ... Australia's foreign born number at 25%. And with these stats from the ABS, it's getting rapidly worse:

- one birth every 1 minute and 44 seconds,
- one death every 3 minutes and 24 seconds,
- a net gain of one international migration every 2 minutes and 39 seconds, leading to
- an overall total population increase of one person every 1 minute and 31 seconds.
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