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23 June 2019
‘Restored’ is another short, steamy read from Alexa Riley - this one isn’t that Insta though... Gemma is mourning the loss of her father. She's a cosmetologist just trying to find her way. Bronx is the man who has taken over her dad's mechanic shop.

She fell in love with Bronx as a teen when her father took him under his wing and taught him about the restoration of cars.
When her father was killed she was left with 50% of the shop but she doesn't have anything to do with the running of the business. Bronx, is the other half owner of it and owns the restoration shop attached to the shop.

When she asked Bronx to go out with her once, he turned her down. She still loves him but her father told her to never make a man tell you more than once that he doesn't want you.

However what she doesn’t realise he has been harbouring a crush just was waiting for the right time... All bets are off now that Gemma is of age and Bronx is ready to pursue her. This book was sexy, sweet, exciting, funny and endearing. I thought this story was delightful from start to finish.
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5.0 out of 5 stars