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28 April 2019
My heart, my heart, MY HEART!!! Oh my Marx...this book is just... I am lost for words, I am blown away. Ms Shen has written us a masterpiece. With every book she writes, I fall even more in love with her words, with her characters, with her stories. This book is raw, it's real, it's EVERYTHING. I seriously can not get enough! I didn't see some of those twists coming, I could not put this book down for even a second! I cried no less than 4 times reading this book!

Pretty Reckless is now one of my top reads...EVER!! My heart was ripped to shreds from the angst, the heartache, the relationship between a mother and a daughter.. MY HEART HURT! So much emotion was written into this book that I just felt every single little bit of it and it was emotionally perfect in every single way.

I felt so much heartache for Daria, for the things she went through, for everything that has happened to her. I can understand why she did the things she did. She is such a beautiful girl. I wanted to fight for Daria! I wanted to put everyone in their place. I had so much heartache for Mel and Daria as well, I just wanted to hug them both so much!

I loved Penn. He is beautifully broken and lost and I just loved his character. He is exceptional, he really is, and when you read this story you will see why. The things he does for the people he loves is just amazing. His beauty shines through. He is one of my favourite guys written by Ms Shen.

I highly recommend this book to absolutely everyone. It is a mature YA/NA romance and I can not wait to read it again and again.
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4.8 out of 5 stars