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Reviewed in Australia on 5 January 2018
Great performing device but it’s clearly been rushed to release just like the Amazon Australia website (-that lacks decent filters/categories). No Aussie apps, no ABC iView, no Ten Play, no nothing Australian. Registered for technical call back via, Amazon UK called me back, understandably didn’t have a clue about Aussie channels/content, they transferred me to Amazon US who stated that the stick only comes with US channels...I pointed out that the UK Stick had UK App channels like BBC iPlayer, long pause, eventually found an Australian contact number. Rang the number, Australian Kindle Support, eventually advises there’s no Aussie apps at the moment. Again good device but it’s not set up for Oz at the moment.

That all said I’ve been spoilt with Amazon UK over the years. I’ll stay positive, it’s fantastic that Amazon have decided to come to Oz, what you see today will look very different in 12 months time I’m sure of it. Amazon delivery is top notch, their funded TV Series are all very strong and highly rated, the website and offers will change significantly as content increases (-seriously needs some better filtering of product categories!), and in this case well done to Amazon for not screwing the Aussie’s on price. The Fire TV Stick, while classed as Basic Edition, performs really well for current content (-Netflix, and Kodi Krypton was simple to install and runs better than my old Android box), and hopefully ABC, Ten, Freview FV etc get their current Android Apps tweaked and available in the near future.

Update 9 March 18: And for those suggesting that this is the ‘old’ model, well yes it doesn’t come with the voice control but this is the latest 1.3GHz quad-core device, the previous series was 1GHz. After a few months of operation I’m really enjoying this device, great Kodi and Netflix performance, just one star off due to lack of Aussie app support (-recognising that this is more to do with the app providers, hopefully changes as Amazon roll out Prime and more competitive services).
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