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Customer Review

4 March 2019
I had been putting off reading After we fall for sometime because I didn't want to face the angst of a lost wife, as well as this concept not always sitting right with me - that a character can have more than one "love of their lifes". However I was not dissapointed when I finally bit the bullet and dived in.

After we Fall is an emotional journey which covers many themes; heart breaking loss, grief, guilt, self hate, PTSD, as well as forgiveness, acceptance and love. It is all woven together so respectfully and compassionately, pulling you in and tugging on your heart strings that I was a believer in fate and things happening for a reason leading to the possibilty of love at first sight and different loves for the different people we can be over the course of our lives.

Jack and Margot were such engaging characters that were so realistic with their flaws and all. I loved their light and shade and how their differences complimented each other. Their instant chemistry sizzled off the page and I was falling right along with them. Even though it was fast paced, it didn't feel rushed. Their experiences had depth and a genuine connection and attraction, making for a believable, heart felt story, that reminded of the healing power of forgiveness, letting go and love
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4.6 out of 5 stars